Rainbow Babies

The Rainbow Baby Group was set up 2019, when I became pregnant with my Rainbow Oliver. I realized how hard it was to deal with my fears and worries, during my pregnancy, and found it difficult to talk to people who did not understand the emotional journey I had experienced.

Becoming pregnant again after a loss is so over whelming.

You ask yourself so many questions.

· What if it happens again?

· What if my body cannot carry this baby?

· What if the baby I lost thinks I have moved on?

· What if my baby has no heartbeat when I have my scan?

After talking to other ladies there are many memories of the baby they have lost, that they carry with them during every trimester of the new pregnancy.

From personal experiences and shared information, the first scan is often attended at the same hospital, and in the same room as you were BEFORE. This brings back memories which are hard to process.

Seeing your new baby for the first-time brings feelings of happiness, yet sadness for the baby that should be with you now.

For some, just learning to bond with their bump can be hard.

Other Ladies often make the decision not to tell family and friends until they feel ready to. Each hospital trip becomes a worry instead of excitement for your little one. Having dark thoughts and continuously worrying adds to the emotional journey of guilt and self-doubt.

Finding the right support while pregnant and even after your rainbow baby is born is so important to help you deal with the negative emotions and feelings.

When a rainbow baby is born, we still panic and worry about our babies like every mother does. But when you have experienced loss, you are on high alert, which can sometimes cause lack of sleep, worrying if your baby is ok when they are asleep.

It’s hard enough with a new baby and night feeds, but with anxiety some mothers struggle to sleep even when baby is settled.

We can at time experience dark thoughts of something happening to our baby e.g., worrying that someone will drop your baby, or some form of harm might come to your baby that’s out of your control.

When I first experienced this, I was so worried and wondered why this was happening to me. But I did research on this and found its more common than I thought. It is the result of passed trauma and the overwhelming love and protection we have for our babies as mothers.

Many emotions run deep and intertwine with one another and can become so complexed that it’s hard to separate them.

But with help like counselling and peer support things can become easier to cope.

Not everyone is the same and some cope very well and don’t need any outside help but might just want to make new friends with people who understand the journey of baby loss and rainbow babies.

So, we offer our support to create a safe place, where there is no judgment just complete understanding.

Our rainbow babies are so incredibly special, and Finding Rainbows want to be able to celebrate their little lives, in a happy and positive way.

For further information please contact me by emailing finding.rainbows@outlook.com

or call 07340 799387

Natalie x

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